Price: $375

State: Oregon
City: Salem
Zip code: 97305
Type: Animals

Male Alexandrine Parrot that is very sweet. Loves to listen to you talk. I think he is trying to figure out how to talk. He loves to be kissed on the beak or head but doesn't step up unless he is on the floor. He will move on to your shoulder as he gets to know you. Gets along with other birds and doesn't attach to just one person. Very interested in everyone. He loves his cage so it must go with him. Very nice cage 3' x 4' inside dimension. He is not shut in but stays on his cage unless he is spooked. He puts himself to bed at dusk. Very easy parrot to have. He whistles some pretty sounds along with the typical high pitch call once in awhile. He isn't demanding and doesn't want to be held, he just likes to be in the same room with his people. Loves his daily showers with a spray bottle. He is about 7 years old.